For companies in the healthcare industry, professionalism, privacy and experience are crucial in your IT services department. Whether you are a primary care physician’s office or a medical supply company, privacy laws are clear. Patient confidentiality is critical in all healthcare-related businesses. Confidentiality is not just between patient and doctor or nurse. It also includes assistants, secretaries and IT personnel. That is why HitsTech is the right company to provide healthcare IT services. They can offer all of the professional expertise that you need in an IT firm as well as the privacy and confidentiality required from healthcare IT support. Have you considered outsourcing your healthcare IT services? Doing so can improve the functionality of your IT department while gaining back labor hours for your staff to focus on your core healthcare business.

Sandra Lofton, HitsTech CEO recently appeared on “The MSP Show” discussing her journey as a healthcare IT services MSP.

What Level of Healthcare IT Services Do You Need?

healthcare IT support company can work with you by offering services based on the following three types of service agreements. These may vary slightly, but are the most common methods of providing IT services.

Break-Fix Service

The lowest level of support is called a “Break-Fix” service. This service is similar to a “geek squad” or repair shop. You buy and work on your computer network, but when it breaks down, you place a service call to your contractor. Your IT services company will charge you to fix each unit separately. You can include any devices you own or rent, and pay-as-you-go. For people who use their computers occasionally, this may be the perfect fit. However, if your computers break down often, you can end up with a costly bill.

Per Device Service

A second option is a “Per Device” service which assigns a per-device ongoing fee up to $100 per month. This option is similar to an “a la carte” menu at a local restaurant. You can order the repair and maintenance you need for each device within the contracted pricing. This model may be an excellent fit for a small company with a few computers but probably won’t keep your devices in top-notch condition.

Per User Service

The most commonly-used IT services model for small- to medium-sized healthcare businesses is a “Per User” model. This pricing model allows for managed change within your company as the number of users changes. Full-service computer support usually costs in the $100 to $200 range per user. Pricing can vary by your location, types of devices, industry, and other specialized services. This third option covers a full range of repair and maintenance services for your entire IT network with trained healthcare IT support professionals.

Does a Healthcare IT Services Firm Perform All My IT Tasks?

HitsTech handles a wide range of healthcare business computer services, freeing up your time and labor hours to do what you do best, your core healthcare business. You can use the services that are necessary to maintain your current level of computer usage. Some of the services provided by a healthcare IT service provider include the following:

  • Adding and deleting users
  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup
  • Email archiving and filtering
  • IT support for employees
  • Maintaining a firewall
  • Protection from viruses
  • Software management
  • Equipment purchasing or leasing
  • Server and equipment maintenance
  • Mobile device management
  • Compliance management
  • Application management
  • Maintaining records according to HIPAA laws

HitsTech can take these tasks off your to-do list, and finish them in a fraction of the time. The level of support experience provided by HitsTech can solve any maintenance problems that arise.

Providing Exceptional Healthcare IT Support

IT services is a top priority for healthcare businesses, because all of your patient data and records are stored on your computer network. Those records include patient history, contact information and proprietary personal information. Therefore, your healthcare IT support company needs to have expertise handling a range of IT issues with rapid resolution. While your own IT staff may be quite experienced, an entire team of HitsTech IT specialists can provide hundreds of years of experience combined.

Questions to Ask During Healthcare IT Vendor Interviews

You probably have a list of questions already written down to ask when interviewing healthcare IT services, but here are some to include:

  • Do they have certifications and training in the computer hardware you own or rent?
  • Do they follow HIPAA laws?
  • Do they have experience working in your industry?
  • How often do they send employees for ongoing training?
  • Do they offer formal and on-the-spot training to your staff?
  • Will they provide references from other healthcare industry clients?
  • What is their response time for service calls after hours? During business hours?

Is Hiring a Healthcare IT Support Company Worth It?

Ultimately, only you can answer that question. However, you need to ask yourself whether you and your staff can use the labor hours to improve your healthcare business instead of spending time on IT. Is it worth it to you to have a healthcare IT support firm available 24/7 to repair your computer network? Would you like to reduce your stress in regards to your company’s devices? If you can answer either of these questions with a “yes,” then it is worth your time to investigate further into hiring HitsTech. To find out more about hiring a healthcare IT services company, contact us.