Data breaches can hurt medical practices, healthcare businesses and your patients. And, believe it or not, there are more breach investigations than there are HIPAA audits. These breaches often turn into expensive lawsuits. Only one federal agency conducts HIPAA audits while many federal and state agencies enforce data breach penalties. Rather than face the risk, you must not only comply with HIPAA; you must protect your data.

HIPAA Compliance Doesn’t Equal Security

Compliance can be a mystery. It can be even more mysterious when you don’t understand technology. When you dig deep and try to understand the tasks and procedures you need to protect electronic data you are likely to encounter technical terms—and IT buzzwords— that are confusing.

Remember that HIPAA compliance is a fundamental requirement for you to earn and keep your Meaningful Use / Promoting Interoperability (PI) incentive money.

What Should We Do To Protect Our ePHI?

The federal government is cracking down on all medical and health-related operations. You do want to ensure that you’re HIPAA compliant and that your IT Provider and other business associates are as well.

But it’s your ePHI that hackers are after. It’s a precious commodity on the Dark Web. Maintaining data security for your ePHI isn’t something you can do on your own anymore. It requires the expertise of IT professionals like those from Buffalo Computer Help.

We are HIPAA Compliant, specialize in conducting comprehensive, confidential HIPAA Risk Assessments and can keep your ePHI secure.

What Is A HIPAA Risk Assessment?

We use a combination of specialized software, onsite observations and interviews with your staff to uncover a broad range of issue that could result in a data breach and a fine by a random government audit.

Our comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Service uses a proprietary Risk Score Matrix algorithm that prioritizes the work that that should be done based upon the potential impact on your organization.

We not only provide you with a full set of HIPAA documentation required under the Security Rule, but we offer the ongoing expert IT services you need to resolve any HIPAA-related issues we discover.

By leveraging the accuracy of our specialized computer software and expert know-how of our support engineers and staff, we can determine if your ePHI is secure.

How Does The HIPAA Risk Assessment Process Work?

Step 1: We gather and organize the vast amount of data that must be collected from a variety of sources. Our software tools provide a central repository to safely and securely manage this information.

Step 2: We conduct an onsite survey to observe the environment personally, take photographs and check on a wide range of security policies, There’s no guesswork here – our service includes a comprehensive checklist of things to look for.

Step 3: We use a series of computer-generated worksheets that are automatically cross-correlated with the data collected by our data collectors to ensure there are no anomalies. We also run local HIPAA scanners on each of your PCs to collect even more HIPAA required data.

Step 4: All of the information gathered is then analyzed by our specialists and organized into a set of official HIPAA Compliance reports and documents that we certify and provide to you as part of our service offering.

What Happens If Data-Security Issues Are Detected During Our HIPAA Assessment?

Preparing all of the documents is the first and most crucial step in avoiding significant fines for “willful neglect” of the law. But to provide the protection you need from a potential data breach and bigger HIPAA finds, we will review, prioritize and fix any issues deemed to be possible HIPAA violations.

How Do We Know Our Data Will Always Be Secure?

As part of our comprehensive HIPAA Service, we will provide you with a monthly Risk Profile to ensure your compliance tomorrow as well as today.

What More Can We Do To Protect Our ePHI & Data?

Ask Us About Our Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services offer remote services that continually monitor and maintain your network at a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT staff. And to meet HIPAA compliance your system needs to be configured with security at multiple levels (firewall, PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and servers).

Then they must be monitored and managed to ensure that security is still working. HitsTech uses remote monitoring and management tools to continually monitor your network, identify problems before they can result in damage, and keep everything updated with security patches.

When $400,000 was assessed for a firewall that stopped blocking unauthorized traffic, the HIPAA enforcers noted that the problem wasn’t detected for over ten months! Our systems would have alerted us immediately and the medical practice much sooner. Plus we’ll provide a signed Business Associate Agreement that shows we implement our own HIPAA compliance program.

Managed Services From HitsTech = HIPAA Compliance & Data Security

Don’t wait until you get audited. By then it will be too late. HIPAA Compliance is the law. Contact the team at HitsTech to learn about our Compliance and Managed IT Services for your healthcare business in or near Charlotte, North Carolina.