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Why Is HitsTech The Right Choice For Your Next Raleigh, NC IT Company

One of those choices that many companies are making is to outsource some or all of their technology infrastructure and support needs. Perhaps even more important than deciding to work with a managed IT service provider is finding the right IT companies in Raleigh, NC that will be able to support the needs of your business both now and as you scale in the future. Pricing is one consideration, but it’s arguably more important to find a partner whose staff members are a good cultural fit with your team as well as offering a good fit from a skills perspective. Keep these high-level concepts in mind as you are selecting your next IT services partner or consultant.

IT Companies in Raleigh

Why Cultural Fit is Important for IT Companies in Raleigh

Cultural fit is often a big topic of conversation when you are interviewing and ultimately hiring a new staff member, but business leaders may not always put this same level of consideration into hiring service partners. When you are interviewing potential IT companies in Raleigh, request that the team calling on your business and making proposals include some of the same individuals that will be providing the service in the future. This helps ensure that these individuals see your business upfront and gain an understanding of the people and process challenges that they are likely to encounter down the road. The added benefit is that internal teams will have an opportunity to determine if they feel comfortable interacting with the services partner. When there is a mismatch culturally between organizations, it can cause a variety of problems from differences in levels of technical communication to unexpected misunderstandings around timelines.

Look for Local Raleigh-Durham Tech Support

Your technology support is integral to your ongoing business operations, and you need to know that problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently when they occur. Each hour of productivity has a cost for your business in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, making it vital that you reduce the risk of extended downtime. Having a technology services provider who can not only offer exceptional remote support but also come onsite when needed is considered valuable for many businesses. That said, remote support has improved dramatically over time with real-time collaboration and secure remote help desk options that will feel seamless to users.

Knowledge of Your Business Systems and Infrastructure

While it’s unusual, there are IT managed services providers who only support specific business platforms or operating systems. Understanding cultural fit is an important aspect, you will also need to match the skills of your potential partners to the needs of your business. If your workstations or servers run on a specific platform, be sure to include all of these technical specifications in your request for proposal or initial conversations. Query potential partners on the depth of their bench for your critical business systems, too. Finding a partner who has also worked extensively in your business vertical can be a bonus, but this could be a slightly tougher bill to fill.

Find An IT Company That Values Lifelong Learning

Information technology is in what feels like a never-ending state of flux, with new advances in software, AI and IoT entering the market and growing to prominence on a regular basis. When you find a partner who believes in the value of learning, they are more likely to continuously research new solutions as well as relying on trusted solutions. While it may not make sense to always be on the bleeding edge of technology, a partner who stays current on the latest advances for your market can help you implement technology that will allow you to leapfrog the competition. As an added bonus, those who value lifelong learning are more likely to be willing to take the time to educate your staff and be an active partner in your advancement of knowledge.

Customer Satisfaction and Longevity is a Great Measure of Potential Success

Requesting customer testimonials is something that is a rote part of many vendor selection processes, but it’s important to the success of your project that you take this process a few steps further. Be sure to call all provided references, but know that these are the very best customers who are primed to provide great responses. Once you’ve completed that process, consider asking a few additional questions:

  • How many customers have stayed with your business for over 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?
  • Can you provide me with the name and contact information of 2 customers with the greatest longevity?
  • What is the primary reason your customers state that they stay with your business?
  • What do you and your team do to provide ongoing value to the business?

You want to determine not only can the IT company in Raleigh solve any upfront issues, but are they willing to dig deep and find the smaller efficiencies that will continue to add value to your business over time.

Finding the right IT company in Raleigh for your business requires time and attention, two things that are difficult for internal staff who may already be overworked. Even with significant internal challenges, it’s crucial to fully vet potential IT companies in Raleigh to find the one organization that aligns with your culture, needed skill set and business understanding. At HitsTech, we work with a range of organizations including healthcare, long-term care facilities, government entities and more. Our technicians are familiar with compliance issues facing these industries and the technology that supports a wide range of business verticals. See how our team can work with you to provide the proactive technology support that you need to grow your business. Contact us today at 828-695-9440 or via email to

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