Implementing Cloud Services In Your Law Firm

In a few short years, the cloud has gone from a buzzword to one of the most dominant technologies in the workplace. Virtually all industries are leveraging the cloud for anytime, anywhere access to applications and data – making productivity, collaboration, and efficiency even greater than ever before. But lawyers, who tend to be strictly governed by data security laws and client confidentiality regulations, tend to be wary of innovative technologies. That’s why many law firms still rely on a combination of Microsoft Office and paper-based processes to handle their legal matters, but is that enough?

In the simplest terms, absolutely not. The legal world is becoming more competitive each and every day as new technology comes into the field. Consumers are demanding more from ALL businesses they work with, especially professional services firms who are looked upon for guidance when it comes to important matters. They want to be answered quickly and given the access they need in a moment’s notice to documents pertaining to their legal situation.

Law Firm Provided With Cloud Services From Raleigh IT Services Company

How Does the Cloud Improve Client Service for Law Firms?

First and foremost, let’s define what the cloud is and how it works. Essentially, the cloud allows you to store your data and computing resources within a data center and access them at any time, from any device – as opposed to storing them on your premises. The cloud lets you pay a monthly fee for all of the storage and/or users needed and you’re able to depend on always available accessibility, as long as you have an internet connection. For law firms, this means the ability to ensure clients have:

  • Around-the-clock access to the legal services they’ve retained you to provide, whether they’re looking to find out their next court date or download an important document.
  • Regular updates in terms of contracts, billing information, and other important details in regards to the relationship between them and your law firm.
  • Constant communication and/or collaboration on documents as needed instead of struggling to get ahold of you via email or phone.

Ultimately, clients can simply log on and view ALL recent updates – from invoices to court dates to documents and everything in between.

What About Client Confidentiality? Can Law Firms Still Maintain Control of Their Sensitive Data?

Absolutely. As long as you’re using the right cloud services, you’re able to benefit from a higher level of security than the average law firm would have on-premises. Why? Because cloud providers invest heavily in the resources, tools, and people necessary to keep environments secure against threats. They tend to have the following in place to protect their data centers:

  • Advanced firewalls
  • Encryption
  • Intrusion detection software
  • Event logging
  • Physical security
  • And much more

The best part? Even the smallest law firms can take advantage of the cloud as there’s no upfront costs associated with purchasing or maintaining on-premises equipment. Instead, you get access to the latest and greatest without the hefty investment.

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