6 Things to Consider When You Need an MDM Provider

Choose a Mobile Device Management solution with a proven track record of serving clients across North Carolina. MDM solutions must provide reporting, security, and management for all the mobile devices that connect with your network. HitsTech addresses all these issues for company equipment and BYOD policies.

Are There Different Expectations for Corporate and Individual Devices?

Consider what your expectations are for bring your own device policies. The MDM solution provided by your IT consulting firm needs to support the users as well as meet corporate expectations. BYOD phones, tablets and laptops add a new layer of concerns, especially when employees are asked to run an employer’s security software on their personal device.

Is There a Trial Period for the Mobile Device Management Solution?

When You Do Choose an MDM solution, make sure you insist on a trial period. During this time, parts of the plan can be tweaked and you can determine how well the solution is working for your company. The trial period lets your staff test the technical implementation. It’s a good idea to designate pilot participants’ willing to connect their mobile devices and laptops to the new system. This builds up a group of internal champions for your BYOD initiative and helps workers feel comfortable connecting their brand new iPad to the MDM solution to get to corporate systems, email and documents.

What About Device Support?

HitsTech strongly encourages its clients to include device support in its IT consulting contract. This should start with a requirements-gathering phase to determine the scope of devices that will be supported, including phones, tablets and laptops. You need to decide whether you want to restrict the number of devices per person to keep maintenance and support manageable, for instance.

A typical misconception is that employees should be able to connect any device they choose to the network. That’s why it’s important to document the devices your enterprise supports.

How Is Security Managed on an MDM?

Your IT consultants should propose protocols for MDM security that include device-level security, such as encryption, passwords, and authentication. If you have a set of security standards in place, that should be the basis for your MDM security policies. This is crucial to the onboarding process for devices that enter the BYOD program. Your policy needs to incorporate provisions to cut off a device if the owner leaves the company or the device is lost.

Who Handles Inventory Management?

BYOD doesn’t negate the need for inventory management. This function controls the provisioning and support of the devices approved by your enterprise. This can be fulfilled by your IT consultant firm or on-premise resources. This is often a matter of control and budget and what your leadership is comfortable with offloading to a managed service provider.

Should Your Company Use an IT Service Company to Host Your MDM?

It’s often cheaper to offload your device tracking, provisioning and decommissioning to a managed service provider in North Carolina. Going with an outside resource brings the following benefits:

  • Access to talent that might be out of your budget for in-house resources
  • Subscription-based pricing you can scale up as needed
  • Freedom to leave the headache of tracking hundreds or thousands of devices and supporting them

Why Should You Choose HitsTech?

HitsTech provides exemplary support and gives you access to mobile security experts and knowledgeable support techs. We are experienced experts who’ve helped many clients in North Carolina implement and manage their mobile device policy. We would love to help you address your employees’ mobile device needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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