Long term care facilities carry significant responsibility and business risk. With legal claims against care facilities at 1.03 per occupied bed in 2017 and the average amount to defend or settle a claim at about $223,000, according to CLM, (the Claims and Litigation Management journal), it can be hard to remain in, and grow, your business.

With stakes so high, for your facility and for each resident being cared for, technology assistance is truly essential in the long term care field. That’s why, as experts in digital technology, we’ve created software tools around your unique business needs. Here’s how our long term care technology tools help you simplify, and successfully manage, the challenging business of long term care.

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Essential High Tech Hardware and Software to Improve the Success of Long Term Care

These tools help long term care businesses run smoothly; making crucial daily tasks simpler, increasing productivity, improving accuracy to prevent errors, and more:

1. GPS: Using a Global Positioning System makes monitoring patients more effective, allowing you to provide high-quality care with less staff. GPS technology also helps your long term care business manage risk. Using ground receiver-to-satellite communication, GPS solutions for long term care typically take the form of an easy-to-carry safety/alert device. The device fits into a pocket, on a lanyard around wrist or neck, or attached to clothing. Our GPS systems may be programmed to alert caregivers if the resident roams out of a safe area. Facility management may also view a history of patent movement around the facility, to check that the patient is taking daily exercise, or research the cause of a trip-and-fall accident, as just a few examples.

2. PERS: Closely related to GPS tech, is the Personal Emergency Response System. Both PERs and GPS technology, (adapted specifically to meet the needs of long term care facilities, dementia care and related firms), keeps patients safer—and makes them feel safer. This small device can alert caregivers automatically in a medical emergency. Residents can also use the device to reach out to caregivers proactively, pressing a button to call for help in case of injury, getting lost, or feeling ill. Devices can be carried or worn like a GPS device, or attached to a bed or wheelchair.

3. Video phones: Being able to see a patient or staff member as you speak adds a valuable dimension to voice communication. That’s why we build and adapt technology solutions for video and voice conferencing and patient communication needs. With secure, high-quality video calling capability, caregivers can view issues that the resident or patient may be reluctant to disclose, like trouble breathing, pallor and more. In addition, video communication helps build relationships, which are crucial in caregiving situations like long term care, for medical teamwork, better health outcomes (both mental and physical) and to increase patient/family satisfaction.

4. Medication reminders: Medication compliance is simultaneously crucial for patient health and complex to manage–and the consequences for error are high. Medication reminder software can go well beyond reminders, ensuring that the right meds and proper dosage are taken on time, tracking specific medications given, helping avoid dangerous medication interactions, and much more–in line with your specific business needs. Using reminders in combination with our other services, you can easily provide targeted, secure reporting for various audiences, such as doctors or a patient’s family.

5. Wireless residential monitoring: Used in independent living situations, and to aid in at-home senior care, this type of monitoring can help by tracking details like usage of electrical household/facility appliances. Increasingly, this type of IoT (Internet of Things) technology connects commonly-used household devices with remote control and monitoring. Practical uses include ensuring that key appliances (like an oven or cooktop) are turned off after use, for safety and efficiency.

How HitsTech Helps Long Term Care Businesses Thrive

At HitsTech, we tailor our technology offerings to suit your specific needs in long term care. Our team of experienced technology professionals is dedicated to make running your long term care facility simpler, while increasing productivity, accuracy, staff morale and patient safety. We provide easy-to-use software, plus clear product information and training that’s easy to understand, with minimal technical jargon. We’re dedicated to supporting your complete technical needs with expert IT management, so that long term care CEOs, and staff, can concentrate on what you do best; serving residents and growing your business.

Get more information about how our purpose-built tech tools can transform your long term care facility, from the industry experts in long term care IT. Contact HitsTech online today or call us at (828) 695-9440 now.

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