Long term care facilites homes in North Carolina are using more sophisticated forms of information technology today.

As a result, they are seeing improvements in the quality of care for their patients. To keep technology running securely and reliably, they depend on IT Services and Support from providers like HitsTech.

Long term care facilites, like hospitals and other healthcare organizations, must have secure access to electronic health records to address their patients’ needs. Now they’re using other digital data systems for clinical support and administrative duties to provide improvements in the quality of care according to a study at Missouri University.

Long Term Care Facilites

The study showed that the long term care facilities that used more sophisticated IT solutions for their administrative activities had a lower percentage of residents with:

  • Moderate to severe pain,
  • Urinary incontinence, and
  • New or worsened pressure ulcers.

The information from this study could help long term care facility administrators make decisions about how to design and implement information systems. But along with these systems, long term care facilities, hospitals and other patient care organizations require IT Service and Support to ensure that their technology is reliable, secure and compliant.

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What IT Services Do Long-Term Long Term Care Facilities Require?

Researchers found that although the adoption of IT solutions is increasing and providing benefits, some long term care facilities are abandoning them because they are too difficult for staff to manage. This is why IT service companies like HitsTech advises that long term care facilities in North Carolina take advantage of Managed IT Services.

HIPAA compliance requires either a full-time certified staff or a Managed Services arrangement with a professional IT service provider. Managed IT Services provide everything a long term care facility needs for an affordable monthly fee including remote services that continually monitor and maintain a network at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time IT staff.

And with Remote Monitoring and Management IT security and reliability are enhanced. Issues can be detected automatically and remediated before they cause problems or IT security breaches.

To help long term care facilities meet HIPAA compliance we configure their IT security at multiple levels, even mobile solutions. And we update and patch software programs and operating systems to close any security gaps.

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How To Keep A Long Term Care Facilities Email Secure?

Services like G-mail and Hotmail don’t provide the IT security long term care facilities require. They aren’t enough to send Protected Health Information (PHI) nor do they provide end-to-end email security.

For long term care facilities to meet HIPAA compliance, they require a secure hosted email solution with encryption.

Hosted email stops spam and stores emails safely. Even if your facility is shut down for any reason, you can still access your emails and stored messages from wherever you have an internet connection.

It provides the highest level of email data protection possible. Plus we’ll sync your emails across all your multiple devices so your communications are safe, reliable and accessible wherever you or your staff are.

In addition, your staff needs Security Awareness Training so they don’t get victimized by phishing attacks. Phishing is the most popular method for initiating an email attack. It involves pretending to be a legitimate source in an email into order to steal credentials to access your system or trick your staff into downloading malware by clicking on a file or link.

Secure Email

Did You Know That Your Long Term Care Facilities IT Company Must Also Be HIPAA Compliant?

If your long term care facility is using a local “computer tech,” or staff member to handle your IT support, they must comply with HIPAA as well.

Our concern is that some small long term care facilities rely on a single tech who comes in now and then to handle IT issues.

Unless you use a trained IT expert in HIPAA compliance, and who is HIPAA compliant themselves, your long term care facility could end up on the HHS Wall of Shame, and be hit with fines, penalties and even lawsuits.

HitsTech is HIPAA compliant. With our Managed IT Services you can be assured that your long term care facility will be compliant as well.

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Can Using Near Field Communications (NFC) Benefit Your Long Term Care Facility?

NFC applications have the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered in long term care facilities. It simplifies the exchange of digital content between patients and healthcare providers while reducing costs and improving care.

It’s a short-range wireless communication technology that makes it more convenient for nurses, doctors and healthcare providers to exchange digital content and connect electronic devices with just a touch.

Long-term care facilities and healthcare organizations and providers are increasingly seeing the value of NFC in their patient care. It provides a secure exchange of electronic medical records, access to emergency medical data, can be used to track medication adherence, and monitor long term care facility residents’ fitness and wellness.

It’s highly secure and uses one-to-one device pairing for increased confidence and accuracy. It’s also supported by most mobile devices and tablets. And it’s a seamless option to track rounds and patient monitoring.

Data is stored and captured in a secure database. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require special staff training. It can provide important drug interaction information through tags on prescriptions and over-the-counter product packaging. And wearable tags (e.g. wristbands) can hold critical health information that’s easily read by a healthcare provider’s NFC-enabled device in an emergency.

As information technology improves, and long term care facility access the IT services and support that are so important to ensure reliability, security and compliance, so will their patients’ health outcomes.

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