Network security is an important component of an organization’s strategy to ensure that their network assets and network traffic are completely secure.

To obtain a higher level of network security, it’s important to utilize the best security hardware and software. But there are many other aspects of this.

Though some companies don’t have this, a solid IT security policy should be in place that outlines the rules pertaining to all organizational assets. This includes computers, networks, Wi-Fi, servers, routers and a few others. It also relates to all company-owned and employee-owned devices, such as smartphones, iPads, and laptops.

Network Security

Define Security Policies

Employees today often use a number of tools to get their work done each day, but there must be policies that help your employees understand the importance of security for each device. When employees don’t know that it’s dangerous to leave a work computer sitting in the open at an airport, they may get careless. The next thing you know, a thief has your computer with all your company’s data on it. Now what?

Define Security Policies

Enforce Security Policies

Enforcing your security policies can be challenging. After all, you can’t follow each employee around wherever they go. Several people may go out to lunch. They get so busy talking that one of them leaves their smart phone on the table before going to the restroom. The other person gets distracted by text messages from a boyfriend and that phone just disappears. It had several important contracts that the phone’s owner was supposed to look over during their lunch break. Now the contracts and the phone have disappeared.

It may be tempting for this employee to say nothing about the theft of their phone, but that’s actually the worst thing they can do. Many companies have BYOD programs that are monitored and managed by their managed IT services provider. If so, then the data on this employee’s phone can be remotely erased.

Enforce Security Policies

Learning From Mistakes

Incidents like this must be reported. And employees should know how to report them and do this as quickly as possible to mitigate any damages. These events can be used in training exercises to show people how easy something like this could happen.

Your managed IT provider plays a big part in maintaining your company’s network security. From analyzing all network traffic flows to preserving the integrity of the computing systems, they bear the responsibility of keeping things running smoothly. But they also are tasked with creating a layered security approach for your network so that no matter what cyber thieves come up with, your systems remain safe.

Network security should be a number one priority for businesses large and small. The number of data breaches occurring each year is alarming. Ransomware attacks are escalating and now even small companies are being victimized. If you think you won’t get hit, think again.

Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting agencies in America was attacked early in 2018. Retail giant, Target Stores, suffered a serious breach at their Point-of-Sale machines. Millions of their customers’ personal and credit card information was lost to hackers. Some shoppers have never returned to a Target store. Each year, the number and severity of data breaches grows as you can see by the chart below:

Increasing number of data breaches (by entity)


At HitsTech, we understand what’s at stake when it comes to your network security. We have seen and heard everything and we’ve tried to learn from the mistakes that others have made, as well as our own. We know that in order to give our customers the best network security available, we’ll need to stay on top of developing technology so we can recommend the best products and services to our clients.

We stay abreast of the stuff going on in the world of the Dark Web. That’s where cyber thieves sell all that data they steal from American businesses. We are always aware of any new cyber scams. We also monitor hardware and software applications for vulnerabilities. The job of network security is ongoing and takes a 24/7 commitment.

Data breaches are serious business these days and companies who face one can count on the costs being far more than they first imagined. That’s why it’s so vital that all your network and computing assets be monitored and managed to keep them in optimal working condition.

We can also help you with compliance issues if your organization must comply with HIPAA, SOC, FINRA and others. We try to do our jobs well so that you never have to worry about network security. That’s our commitment to our customers—to give them excellent network security in North Carolina that works as expected so that you never have any unexpected surprises such as a ransomware attack.

Learning From Mistakes

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