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Your business may be growing, and that’s great. The economy has been improving in the past few years, and many companies are adding new employees and even new locations. You may be setting up new offices and need to buy new IT equipment. That’s a healthy sign of growth.

But if you want to provide the level of quality services your customers expect, your technology must be up-to-date, secure and reliable. That’s why HitsTech specializes in a number of different verticals. Our specialists in these fields have the experience and knowledge to help you meet your unique goals with the right IT services and solutions.

IT Companies in North Carolina
North Carolina IT Companies


Like the specialists that doctors refer patients to, and the tests that they order to see what’s happening under a patient’s skin, your technology must be evaluated by someone with the proper skills and experience who can look deep into your network to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you need assistance from a team that knows the ins and outs when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

HitsTech is an expert in HIPAA compliance. We can help you evaluate your network and ensure that it complies with HIPAA rules and regulations – when it comes to surviving a HIPAA audit or data breach investigation, you’ll have the professional IT services that you need.

IT Company in North Carolina

Public Sector

HitsTech has been providing IT services to the Public Sector in North Carolina since 2007. We deliver a broad range of solutions, including network security, cloud computing, data backup & recovery, and fully managed solutions to both state and local governments.

When you choose HitsTech as your IT service company, you can elect us to be your outsourced IT department, or we can supplement your internal tech staff when you need a few, extra hands. In addition, you can benefit from our Strategic IT Planning, Project Management, Help-Desk Services, IT Procurement and various Infrastructure Services.

Business IT Services Company in North Carolina


Today’s evolving data sources bring many challenges for businesses in all industries. However, banks and financial services companies in particular face significant challenges with the massive amount of data coming from new forms of customer interaction; such as online, over the phone, and in writing. You must monitor and manage data while complying with all applicable state and federal regulations.

In today’s rapidly evolving financial environment with new and complex regulations, financial businesses must be able to gather, utilize, protect, and recover their data immediately. As a business owner or manager in the financial industry, it’s important to develop an approach for data protection and storage for long-term access. HitsTech specializes in this.

Corporate IT Services in The Carolinas


Technology is invaluable in the legal landscape, and with time it will become even more so. Legal work is highly regulated, and many attorneys fear malpractice suits or failure to comply with regulations. Just like other businesses, your law firm needs to streamline its services and secure its data – outsourcing your IT services will allow you to do this.

Everything you do relies on IT in one way or another. The better managed your IT is, the better you and your staff can do their jobs. Managed IT services from HitsTech allows you to leave the management of your IT to an expert team.

IT Companies in North Carolina focused on Security


The manufacturing industry is now a prime target for cybercriminals. Many manufacturing companies don’t realize this and haven’t taken the security measures to keep their data secure. You are storing data that’s of interest to hackers. And now that other businesses like banks and healthcare institutions have bolstered their cyber defenses, manufacturing companies are becoming victimized by cybercriminals.

We’ll work with your leadership and staff to ensure you comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile, and that your business is protected on all levels.

IT Companies in North Carolina focused on Manufacturing


With the growing demands for engineers to get more out of their resources, the Cloud is the perfect solution. As an engineer, you have a big job to do so having the right technology is important. The Cloud can provide all this. Your firm can grow quickly when you’re able to give clients solid results on any project. Plus, cloud technologies have simplified and even brought down the costs of doing business in the engineering field. They offer high-quality technology that was once only available to large corporations with a big budget. Our engineering IT specialists will help you use the Cloud to drive your business forward.

IT Companies in North Carolina focused on engineering


Now that your construction business is more connected through the Internet, you must get serious about cybersecurity. Hackers are targeting companies like yours. They’re stealing project plans and blueprints, banking and financial data, clients and employees’ confidential information, and proprietary assets. HitsTech can help to protect your business from today’s cyberthreats.

Plus, collaborating with employees in the field and on the go via cloud technologies and mobile applications helps move work along and enables you to meet deadlines more easily. Once we optimize these tools to fully support collaborative projects between multiple users in different locations, there are no more technology limits to your workflow.

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Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

When it comes to IT service and support, your small or mid-sized business has its own unique demands. These may differ depending on the industry that you serve, the number of clients and locations you have, whether your staff works remotely, and a variety of other factors. But, no matter how you differ from other businesses, you need a local IT service company that’s always ready and close by to meet your needs.

Whether its support for just a few computers or your multi-site business with a data center and complex IT needs, we’ll be like your outsourced IT department, focused on your unique requirements. With HitsTech, you’ll have a full-service IT company that offers turn-key solutions, from PCs and servers to comprehensive data security, and backup and disaster recovery services. Everything that will keep your technology running at peak performance and your small or mid-sized business operational.

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