How Do Our IT Services Support Your Real Estate Agency?

Running a real estate firm means more than just putting an “For Sale” sign in front of a building or an ad in the local paper. You need to connect with potential buyers, contractors and inspectors, collect and safeguard your buyers’ private information, communicate with team members whether they’re in the office or on the road, and more.

How do you balance all the tasks that need to happen every day while staying connected to the people that matter most to your business? It’s all about having the best technology to make your daily operations simple. It’s about working with a technology partner that knows your needs and will take the burden of IT off your shoulders.

What Will Managed IT Services Do For You?

Managed IT Services from HitsTech allow you to leave the management of your IT to an expert team. With HitsTech as your trusted IT partner, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Cost Effectiveness: While an outsourced IT department is available around-the-clock, at an affordable monthly flat rate, an in-house staff member is subject to business hour restrictions, full salary, annual leave and will undoubtedly call in sick from time to time.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our team will streamline your business with a comprehensive range of vital IT solutions in order to help you achieve a more productive, cost-effective and convenient work environment.
  • Uptime Management: When your real estate firm benefits from the full range of Managed Services from HitsTech, you and your employees can get more done without delays, security breaches or downtime.
  • IT Stability: We can help you achieve a reliable and effective IT environment by combining expert engineers, great tools and a process for delivering best practices in a consistent manner.

If you want to succeed in today’s technology-driven environment, you need up-to-date, reliable and secure IT solutions. By handing this chore over to a Managed IT company like HitsTech, you can focus on your core legal competencies.

HitsTech offers technology services and solutions that will improve your operations and capitalize on your IT investments. Our comprehensive IT offerings include:

  • Managed IT Services: HitsTech will operate as your fully engaged, outsourced IT department, actively preventing problems, resolving issues and seeing to all your IT needs to help keep your business running smoothly.
  • Strategic IT Consulting: HitsTech takes the guesswork out of IT by creating a strategic technology plan that focuses on your objectives and maps out a path for your success.
  • Cybersecurity: HitsTech understands that there’s a lot to account for in cybersecurity as a small to medium-sized business, and so you need to know for sure that your systems, network, and devices are protected with strong and reliable safeguards.HitsTech offers comprehensive security solutions to ensure that your business benefits from industry-leading technology, strategic security processes, proactive solutions, and reliable guidance from a team of experts.
  • Cloud Solutions: It’s OK to be unsure about technology like the cloud. A healthy dose of caution is always recommended when considering a new technology for your business, but why bother taking any risks? HitsTech is an industry leader in providing cloud solutions, and we want to help you find just the right application of this new technology to help your business do more.
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: HitsTech can provide you with business continuity planning that will ensure the integrity of your data no matter the emergency your business encounters. By regularly backing up your data and implementing optimal disaster recovery practices, HitsTech will help you avoid downtime and data loss.

There’s no denying that the real estate industry is extremely competitive. The market is temperamental and any small factor can make or break a sale; as such, margins can be worryingly thin. When you deal with those types of challenges on a daily basis, do you really want to be worrying about your IT as well?

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