Will Your Data Backup and Recovery Solution Really Work?

In this day and age, businesses have a lot more to worry about than they did 30 years ago. These days, any number of disasters could strike bringing your operations to a grinding halt. You might get hit with heavy rains and flooding or if you live in a coastal area, there’s a good chance you’ll be affected by a hurricane at some point. Add to that the constant flurry of cyber-attacks and it’s easy to see why your business needs a reliable data backup and recovery solution.

Whether you run a healthcare organization, a retail store or an online business, it’s important to keep your data safe. This is one area where many business owners are a bit lax. You may have backup copies of your records and documents from a few weeks ago. But if you get hit today with a Ransomware attack, you risk losing everything that was not saved. For many companies, losing just a weeks’ worth of records and documents would cause them considerable damage. It would be expensive and time-consuming to restore those files.

In order to keep your business moving at its current pace, it’s important to make sure that all your records, documents and applications are properly backed up.

Below, are four basic questions that all business owners should know the answer to:

  • Are you prepared in case of a ransomware attack?
  • Is your data completely safe from hackers?
  • Have your data backups been tested to see if they’re viable?
  • Do you have a strong business continuity plan in place?

HitsTech believes data backup and recovery is one of the most important services that businesses should maintain. When you have daily backups, then you’re ready for whatever might happen.

Business Continuity

Have Your Backups Been Tested?

Another issue that we often deal with is data backups that have not been tested. You need to make sure that your data is completely recoverable any time you need it. You might have experienced this on your personal computer. You purchase an external hard drive and move all your files and records to that drive. You think that if your hard drive crashes, you can simply reinstall everything. But when that dark day comes and you do need the information on your external hard drive, it doesn’t work. Imagine this happening to your company.

Unfortunately, thumb drives and external hard drives fail. In fact, any type of computing or network equipment can let you down. That’s why you need to make sure your back-ups really work.

Test Backup

Safeguard Your Business From Cyber Attacks

In life we find that you must plan for the unexpected. That’s why our data backup and recovery solution is such an important component of your daily operations. If a careless employee downloads a Ransomware virus, you’ll be at the mercy of greedy hackers. In many cases business owners simply pay the ransom and hope they get all their data restored.

HitsTech ensures that your data, network, and systems are protected from cyber threats. We use technologies such as virtualization where a cloud-based version of all files and applications are housed in a secure data center. Your backups are tested regularly to ensure that they are reliable. Your technology infrastructure is fully recoverable so that no matter what happens, your business operations will not be impacted.

Safeguard Your Business

We’ll Ensure Your IT Assets Are Safe

Our team focuses on making sure that all your IT assets are safe and protected. And we do this behind-the-scenes so that your business operations are not affected. We also monitor your computer systems for errors or problems that could spell catastrophe. And we do this 24/7/365. You can expect fast and complete recovery from power outages, floods, or whatever may come.

Business continuity is something that every business should invest in these days. This ensures that your business can keep the doors open and keep revenue coming in. Whatever technology disasters you may face, the Hitstech team is there to save the day.

Your IT Infrastructure Is One of Your Most Valuable Business Resources. Never take it for granted.

Contact us to learn more about our Data Backup and Recovery Services. We believe you’ll agree that a sound business continuity plan is essential these days. We can schedule a complimentary assessment of your technology needs and discuss the best options for your business. We serve all of North Carolina with a full range of managed IT services.

Ensure IT Assets Are Safe

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