If the thought of "chatting" with artificial intelligence seems alien to you, you might be surprised that you're already doing this on various platforms. Don't you pay your electric bill over the phone or use a department store's convenient online chat service to return that damaged package? Countless sites now employ conversational AI for high volumes of basic requests and let live representatives focus on complex customer interactions.

Here's how thinking machines replicate human agents for happier clients and employees. 

What Is Conversational AI?

Cognitive conversational AI is a mind-like mechanism. It observes trends and patterns within fairly detailed processes, such as filing a customer return. The AI copies the process to mirror how humans interact, thanks to its machine learning algorithms that constantly process new data. 

With ever-evolving information and natural language processing (NLP) that "understands" customers, AI sorts through its information bank to provide the correct answers. For example, the system may draw from:

  • Phone calls
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Advanced dialog management that responds to voices
  • Cognitive science principles to provide input and output values

Is it any surprise that conversational AI technologies already have an industry market value in the billions? It's offering convenience, customer service, and value to busy companies and the people they serve, and everyone's paying attention.

Some Benefits of Letting AI Do the Talking

Could your business leverage artificial yet highly effective ways of facilitating customers' requests and fulfilling their daily needs? Your own experiences as a customer may confirm that customer support is much more productive with AI.

Personalized Experiences

If you've ever had to explain a concern to one agent after another, you understand the frustration your customers may face. AI solutions reduce repetition. There's less back-and-forth since AI can scan previous chats and other historical data to formulate personalized responses and solve problems.

Much More Information

AI collects data from various platforms, from social media to chats. The architecture understands customer preferences and makes recommendations that customers appreciate. 

Less Waiting Time

Customer service starts the moment an automated service indicates a wait time. Wait too long, and upset customers hang up, so why not offer self-service options? A conversational AI solution means they find answers immediately.

Quicker Solutions

AI uses predetermined step-by-step guides, FAQs, and other available information to direct your customers. Your team also saves time by reducing the calls they must answer in a workday.

Give Your Customers 24/7 Assistance and Watch Your Brand Expand

What's worse than waiting minutes or even hours for a live agent? Wait overnight, and you'll soon see why your customers feel like they do!

When live agents clock out, your company still needs to offer customer engagement. 

Becoming Intelligent About Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of conversational AI range from improving operational efficiency to providing multichannel support. Will you be adding it to your business system? Don't wait too long.


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