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What Is HIPAA, And Why Should I Worry About It?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a Federal statute, and associated regulations, that, among other things, control what healthcare providers and other “covered entities” do with “protected […]

Should Business Computers Be Used for Employee Personal Web Surfing?

Each day hackers come up with new ways to trick employees into downloading malware or ransomware. The whole field of cyber-crime is expanding rapidly across the world. But many business owners do not realize that their employees are the weakest link. Employees are often unaware of all the many malicious viruses on the web today.

What’s Inside Health IT?

Health information technology is more talked about than really understood. Part of the reason for this is that providers and their staffs usually interact with a restricted subset of health […]

Steps To Avoid HIPAA Compliance Violations And Data Breaches

Federal regulations are usually complex and can have unintended consequences. If you are a lawyer, they are a goldmine both for prosecutors and consultants for clients. When it comes to […]

HIPAA Violations Are Not Limited To Data Disclosure

Four hospitals – Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General (both teaching hospitals affiliated with the Harvard Medical School), and New York Presbyterian – have been fined by […]

An Exploited Website Can Cause Apple Products To Crash

Users of Apple tech have a new reason to worry.  A security researcher named Sabri Haddouche, who works for an instant messaging app called “Wire,” has published a proof of […]

Popular NAS Device May Easily Be Compromised

Western Digital has a big problem, and if you use the company’s “My Cloud” network-attached storage (NAS) storage devices, you’ve got one too.  The WD My Cloud service is enormously […]

Malware Reports Continue To Rise

We’ve known for some time now that the next big crisis the internet will have to come to grips with is the dramatic rise of the Internet of Things (IOT). […]

Your Business Email Is Highly Targeted For Attacks

There’s a new report out, authored by ProofPoint, and its findings for business are grim. It’s no secret that businesses of all shapes and sizes are coming under increasing fire […]

New Google Chrome Feature Created For Better Password Security

Google is taking yet another important step to help save us from ourselves. The company is releasing a complete redesign of their Chrome browser, which is exciting. There’s one feature […]


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