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Do You Have Good Computer Habits?

We know it’s important to have good habits in many parts of our lives, from our work to our daily hygiene. However, quite a few of us forget that we […]

Google My Business Reviews: The 3 Critical Things You Need to Know

Google My Business is an excellent tool for establishing and tracking your company’s online presence. Included in Google My Business are tools to help you manage customer reviews. However, in […]

Cybercrime Soon Reaching The $7 Trillion Mark

Each day, all over the world, companies are being hit with malware and ransomware attacks. Hospitals and small businesses have become the biggest targets for hackers. The reason is simple. They aren’t as well prepared as larger organizations. Many don’t have the best network security. Small businesses and healthcare organizations rarely train their employees on how malware and ransomware attacks occur.

What Is HIPAA, And Why Should I Worry About It?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a Federal statute, and associated regulations, that, among other things, control what healthcare providers and other “covered entities” do with “protected […]

PSA Alert! Sleeping While Phone Charges

Read the following alert before charging your phone tonight and from this day forward. According to the Newton, New Hampshire, fire department’s PSA message posted on social media; it seems […]

Should Business Computers Be Used for Employee Personal Web Surfing?

Each day hackers come up with new ways to trick employees into downloading malware or ransomware. The whole field of cyber-crime is expanding rapidly across the world. But many business owners do not realize that their employees are the weakest link. Employees are often unaware of all the many malicious viruses on the web today.

Happy Spreadsheet Day!!!

What Are You Doing for Spreadsheet Day? Spreadsheets: some people love them, some people hate them, and some people are a little afraid of them. No matter which category you […]

October 16th Is Steve Jobs Day

Steve Jobs Day Sheds Light On Apple Founder’s Legacy In today’s modern world, the name “Apple” has become synonymous with technology. It’s no wonder then that Steve Jobs, the company’s […]

Apple iOS 12: Top Features You Need to Know About

Apple iOS 12 has so many different new features available it’s almost overwhelming. From better password management options to the introduction of the Memoji, users will appreciate some of these […]

How To Ensure A Secure Home Network

Most homeowners and renters understand the importance of home security. In fact, in today’s world, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home […]


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